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Buzzing from Maytag Dryer while igniting


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Nov 27, 2005
I have a Maytag MDG4057BWW natural gas dryer (about 5 years old I believe) that makes a buzzing sound when the ignitor heats to light the burner. As soon as the gas valve opens the burner lights without a problem and the buzzing stops. The noise only occurs when the ignitor is glowing before the burner lights. Other than this noise the dryer works just fine and dries clothes in a reasonable time. I haven't opened it up yet (want to know where to start) but from the outside I can clearly see that the noise occurs only when the ignitor is glowing (visible from the front right) and goes away as soon as the gas valve opens. Each time the burner lights it does the same thing. This has been going on for a couple months now with no change in performance. Any ideas??


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