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Bypassing a burnt thermistor


Aug 12, 2005
Hello. This morning the fedder ac in the wall sounded like it was under a strain and i smelled a burnt electric type smell. I took it out and tore it all apart and found that a piece was burnt. i have been on the net all day researching and have learned alot about thermistors and capacitors although i couldnt find the info i was looking for. I took the thermistor out all together and finally got the thing working about midnight. i have the thermostat on high cool so it doesnt have to kick on and off so much. I just want to know if removing the thermistor will enable another part of the air conditioner to get to much voltage and fry or will it be ok till i get a new thermistor? Thanks much :3:

If you could post the model# of the A/C that would help us.

If you are referring to the de-icing thermostat that mounts on the evaporator coil, no it shouldn't hurt, but if its the main thermostat that controls the room temperature, then i would be very careful doing that, just keep your eye on it, and don't leave your home with it running like that, till you replace it with a new one.:3:


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