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FIXED C-21 Error Model NE59M4320SS/AA Samsung Range

Todd G

Premium Member
Mar 20, 2023
Delray Beach
Model Number
1-5 years
Research has shown me this error is likely temperature sensor to start. Would anyone agree first thing, is pull temp sensor and test it? If no good i'll replace obviously, if ok, what would be next item to test?

thanks all in advance.

Todd G
Here's another member with this same error code:

Pull the range out from the wall, then unplug the range, then remove the back access panel and measure the resistance of the oven sensor with an ohmmeter. It should be about 1050 to 1100 ohms at room temperature.

If the oven sensor ohms good, then the problem is the control board: DE94-03926B

Here's the oven sensor for your model:
Temperature Sensor DG32-00002B

This video shows you how to ohm test the oven sensor:

Let us know how it goes.
sensor came back at 1084. [had to set meter to 2000 if that means anything] So i guess circuit board it is..? I'm pretty handy, the exploded view looks a bit hairy.. is it relatively easy?

Thank you so much for your very thorough reply Jake!!
Yes Todd, new control board time: DE94-03926B

Its very easy to replace, just pull the range out from the wall, then unplug the range, then remove the screws holding the rear top access panel, then you will see the control board, should be 4 screws holding the control board in place on each corner.

The new control board should have the exact same wire connections as the original control board. You can take a photo of the original board wire connections if you want before you replace it with the new control board.

Let us know how it goes.
Ok, all went perfectly, with exception of small cut on razor sharp back edge of panel. Jake, thank you immensely for the guidance. Let me know when in Delray Beach, I"m buying the beer!
Excellent Todd, glad to hear the new control board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

Let me know when in Delray Beach, I"m buying the beer!
Sounds good, thanks!

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