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C970-600132 Kenmore Range Now what? Oven still won't heat


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Sep 3, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Our oven, C970-600132 Kenmore built by Frigidaire with a whole bunch of Electrolux parts, is a dual oven stand-alone. The top oven does not reach displayed temp (about 120* off). I started with replacing the temp probe as it failed continuity. Didn't fix oven problem. I then checked the upper oven bake element and it failed continuity. I could actually see a break in the coil. Bought that part ($260 up here in Canada after a 10% discount) and installed it thinking that would definitely solve the problem. Wrong. Oven still wasn't going to temp. Then I heard a pop. I'm afraid to look at the new expensive part because my worst fear is that it has blown up.

First, if it did blow, what would cause that? I mean, if power is not going to the bake element because 240v are not going through the control module, how would it blow? Is there something else going on?

Second, I guess I have to look at the oven control unit but a) which one is it as there are three different "boards" in the back of this stove, and b) how do we test it? Thanks