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FIXED Calibrating a Sub Zero 650 Refrigerator


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Mar 14, 2021
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Sub Zero
More than 10 years
So I fixed my Sub Zero 650 in that it is cooling properly and holding a fairly steady temperature fluctuating maybe 6-7 degrees. Example set point 40 but temperature often at 34-35 degrees. So I found this blog:

The guy talks about calibrating the freezer or refrigerator so I tried it. When I did it, it threw the fridge into "Show room mode" I had to read the trouble shooting manual to figure out what happened and I was able to get it out of Show room mode by holding the warmer colder buttons at the same time as turning the unit on and off.

When in the show room mode you can actually push the warmer or colder button and see that the display will read + or - numbers depending if you are pushing on warm or cold. So I put the fridge on a set point of 38 and when in the show room mode I added +2 by pushing on warmer and then I came out of show room mode and fridge is reading 38 on display and 39 by thermometers so this may have worked. Has any one else heard of calibrating the thermostats with sub zeros?