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Cannot find fuse on my GE GCWP1800DWW top load washer


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Jul 7, 2022
Daytona beach, FL
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello, I recently had some electrical work done where the power in my house was turned off and on a number of times. My GE top load washer will suddenly not spin or agitate. There are no blinking lights (or lights at all) on the motor so I assume blown fuse based on the research I have done. That said, the fuse is simply not in the electrical tape wire bunch as it seems with the other models I have seen on YouTube. How do I find the fuse or does my machine need another repair? I so appreciate any help!

Additionally, I have tried to reset it and have filled it on a small load setting a couple of times, it seems to drain fine but I did notice just a small amount of water under the machine after a 3rd or so drain. (Not sure if this has anything to do with my problem)
Thank you Jeff, this is a nice breakdown of codes but my problem is no LED flashing (or on) at all. I’m wondering if it’s a blown mcu or the entire motor maybe.
Lid switch would/should be in series with the motor.
I was kinda hoping the "reset" would help.

jeff sr.
I was hoping that too, but no dice. Mine has the lid magnet closure and everything looks fine for the most part there so not sure if that’s it. The washer looks brand new and is in such good shape so I feel like it has to be something simple and I imagine it’s related to the power switching on and off. I may call a repair person to come check it out.
I may call a repair person to come check it out.

Someone familiar with GE products would be a good idea.....let us know what they say/find.

jeff sr.

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