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Carrier 58PAV conflicting capacitors


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Jul 23, 2016
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More than 10 years
Hello Forum; hopefully an easy question: I have 2 AC/Furnaces in my house. I recently checked the blower motor capacitor of one (the inside unit). The CAP was rated 7.5 uF but when measured was only 3.x uF. So, I ordered 2 replacements as both furnaces are 20 years old. When replacing them, I found a 10 uF cap in the second furnace...

Since the furnaces are identical, I expected both Caps to be the same.

I looked in the installers manual, circuit diagrams etc. and cannot find a spec for this capacitor. I can't see any label on the blower motor where this is specified.

So, does anyone know the correct capacitance to use ? Or does it not matter?

Thank you,
OK, I was able to see the label on the blower motor in the second furnace. Required a mechanics's mirror and a flashlight. I had to read it backwards (mirror) but I could see label stated 10uF...

I can't see the label on the first furnace, so I am going to stick with the original 7.5uF.

Just fyi, I stated the furnaces were identical, but the model numbers were slightly different:
58RAV070-12 (7.5uF)
58RAV095-16 (10uF)
So, this makes me think the different caps are OK.
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