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CF101D0W Avanti Chest freezer stopped working - start relay assistance


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Nov 2, 2022
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1-5 years
Good morning, my Avanti 10 CF chest freezer started to trip a GFI from the garage. Yesterday it quit completely. I currently have the contents resting under dry ice to try and salvage the items. I have tried some basic troubleshooting and I believe that it might be the relay or much more significant. When plugged in the temperature selector sends full 120v to the compressor start relay. The relay itself does not pass a rattle test but intermittently has continuity across two of the holes. I attempted to purchase a new one but cannot seem to get the appropriate part. I am looking for some part assistance. Google/Amazon searches are not successful. I have found a single site with the exact part but they only are able to give large scale quotes.

Avanti 10 CF chest freezer.

I have attached pictures of the relay. It is a KLIXON MSC PTC relay. Part number from the relay: 31A39K3
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Good Morning Dan, I couldn't locate that compressor start relay on any parts sites either.

If you have a appliance parts store in your area, you can take it there and they might be able to match it up with a universal one.
Ok Dan, sounds good.:)
No dice. The appliance repair parts store couldn't find anything comparable nor anything in the system similar. Not sure I can justify a $150 service charge plus parts and labor for a $500 4 year old freezer.
Ok, sorry to hear that.
Get the numbers off the actual compressor and maybe it can be traced to a different appliance manufacturer or the compressor manufacturer to see if a compatible relay might be available from them.

Also, have you tried contacting Avanti?

Dan O.

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