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CFE29TSDCSS Refrigerator running continuously; thermistor diagnostic odd


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Feb 23, 2019
New Mexico
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Hi. Recently, my GE CFE29TSDCSS stopped cooling. I conducted some testing and noticed that the compressor was not running nor was the condenser fan. I replaced the fan and the inverter; fan and compressor both started working again. However, the refrigerator now runs continuously. I used the diagnostic mode to test the thermistors. FZ evaporator thermistor show over 600 degrees. I replaced that thermistor but nothing changed; the diagnostic still shows over 600 degrees.

If I place the board into FZ defrost test mode the thermistor eventually shows normal temps and the unit runs normally for a few hours. Then, it starts running continuously again and diagnostic shows over 600 degrees again while actual temps are around 0. Does this sound like a control board?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Yes, it has to be a bad motherboard then because the thermistor reports back to the motherboard, so if the new thermistor is doing the same as the old thermistor then it cant be anything else but a bad motherboard.

Here's the motherboard for your model:
Main Control Board WR55X30805

Thank you. This evening, I noticed that the interior temps are about 10 degrees higher than the display says they are. In other words, the display says 35 for FF but a thermometer shows 45. Same for FZ. would the board cause that as well?

Thank you again
Yes, the main control board, but first remove the back panel inside the freezer and take a photo of your evaporator coil and post it here, we need to see the frost pattern on it.

Hi Jake,

Thank you. Here are the pictures.


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Your frost pattern doesn't look normal, I'd have GE come out to see what's going on.

You should have a thin layer of frost on ALL the coils, and I'm not seeing it on the coils in the middle.

Hello again. I ordered a new board and installed it. Freezer now cools to 0 without issue. However, the FF will not go below 40 no matter how low you set the temp. In diagnostic mode thermistors test to correct temp (around 40 while fridge is 40) but the display reads that the current temp is 35 while a thermometer reads 40. New thoughts? Maybe a thermostat? Or evaporator fan? Cold air does come out of the back vent but the flow feels weak. Do you know the proper rpm for an evaporator fan? Thank you so much.
Well GE has had problems with the refrigerator evaporator fan motor, I'd replace that.

Here it is for your model: WR60X29099


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