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Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3


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Apr 15, 2011
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SOLVED: Change refrigerator thermostat on ARG420/3


I'm looking to change the thermostat on the Whirlpool ARG420/3 since even on the highest setting (7), the fridge only cools to 10C. I have tested by bypassing the thermostat and the fridge goes down to 0C, so I am pretty confident that the problem is the thermostat.

I have identified the replacement thermostat that I require (ATEA A13-0434), however the capillary tube of the old thermostat is soldered onto the end of the condensor. I have rung one company who were really surprised by this, but I was just wondering if I do really need to buy a soldering iron to take the old capillary tube out or if I can somehow use the old capillary tube with the new thermostat.

How is the capillary tube normally attached to the condenser?

I look forward to hearing from you..

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We don't have any information on European models, you'll need to go to a UK forum:
UK Whitegoods

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Ok, sounds good.


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