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Chest Freezer not working / added 134a .... upside down...


Mar 31, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello- I have a 14CUFT chest freezer that was not getting cold. It was determined the pressure was low as a result of a leak. When the closed system had a bullet piercing value added and the pressure tested, it was down in the green. So... I bought a can of 134a and attempted to charge the system. Can was held upright and when opened ( to charge the system ) it hardly moved the gauge at all. After a few tries I got impatient and started turning the can upside down and that is when the gauge started showing a reading and the PSI increased. I finished with PSI just at 1 and closed everything off. Assumed everything was fine. Copper coil going from compressor to the unit was same " cool " temperature as before. Not cold. This morning 12 hours later, freezer still not cooling. My question- was it bad to turn the can upside down when charging ? And any ideas as to why its still not cold ?

It's best to contact a Commercial Refrigeration services professional to address the cooling issue with your freezer. Attempting DIY repairs without the right expertise could lead to further complications. A technician can diagnose and fix the problem correctly and ensure your freezer operates safely and efficiently.

Stay safe and seek professional assistance.

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