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FIXED Clean light flashes 7 times.

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Sep 21, 2006
Rockville, MD
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1-5 years
Our KitchenAid KUDP series dishwasher went into a mode where it would not start and would only respond to the cancel/drain button. The clean light would flash 7 times in a row, stop, and then repeat. I read that the 7 flashes indicates an error code and that the dishwasher has detected a problem in the heater element circuit. I tried to reset the error mode by turning off power for 15 minutes, however, that did not work.
We called for a repair. The service person found that the dishwasher was completely fine except that it had gone into an error mode. The technician reset the error mode and charge us $115.00.

The reset sequence used was reported to be the following:
1) Crack the door open.
2) Within 3 seconds press the following sequence - Hi Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry, Hi Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry
3) Close and latch the door
4) Press the cancel button (the circle with the triangle in it)

We were told the dishwasher expects to see the dish water temperature rise in a certain way. If the water does not heat in this way, the dishwasher becomes confused and thinks the heater element has failed. In deed, this happened just following and extended power failure and our hot water tank was cool. I am curious if this code will work for anybody else with the same problem and save a service call and 115 bucks. Overall, this seems to be a serious logic flaw in the design.
Thank you !

I just did this after numerous "service" calls and it is working again!!! Thank Goodness, T-day is this week and that's a lot of dishes to have to wash.

This has been happening for 2 yrs. Is it a faulty heating element or what? I run the hot water like they say.
Should I have the heating element replaced?

Is it faulty? Punching in the codes works, but it "breaks" every two months. I have a service contract, should I have them replace that and the control board as well. Will this correct the problem? Or will I get the same error with new parts.

This dishwasher has given me gray hair.
Ok, I'm attaching the service flash for this issue below.



  • Service Flash Clean LED blinks 7 times.pdf
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KUDP02FR Dishwasher

I experienced the same problem with my KUDP series dishwasher. My model (KUDP02FR) doesn't have the Energy Saver Dry option mentioned in the preceding post that describes the reset code sequence, so I tried the following:

Crack open door
Within 3 seconds push Hi-Temp Scrub, Heat Dry, Hi-Temp Scrub, Heat Dry
Close and latch door
Press Cancel

And, lo and behold, it worked! Here's hoping this is not a recurring problem...
blinking clean light

I have been out on several service calls on this type of problem. The blinking light does mean that there is an error but, the original cause of the problem has to be found so the error code won't occur. Since the neutral side of the heater goes thru a seperate switch all to itself, I have found that an improper installation can cause the tub of the dishwasher to be twisted or bound in such has caused the switch not to operate thus the water won't be heated. I just made sure that the tub was not in a bind, level, and plumb. I've had no problems since.

Hope this helps someone
Follow up question

1 manoperation97,

What would a 'tub in a bind' look like? I understand level and plumb, but I don't know anything about 'bound tubs'.

My blinking light problem seems to recur quite frequently (at least every few washes), so something must be up...

reply to tub in a "bind"

By in a bind I mean that since the frame and structures of the new dishwashers aren't quite as rigid as they used to be years ago, the 2 brackets that secure it to the countertop can cause the tub to be in a slight twist. Since the door switches are mounted in a plastic latch assembly, any slight twist can cause this to happen.
This obviously this isn't the only cause for this problem, but it's the one I have found most common.

Thanks, James
KUDS01DJSS1 Dishwasher

I hope Im posting this in the right spot. My light is also blinking 7 times but my panel doesnt read the same as mentioned above heatdry normal etc. I replaced the control board and the washer was working fine and then this happened. Is there a way I can reset? Thank you.
Your clean light is blinking 7 times? If so then replacing that control board won't fix it, the most common fix for this is replacing your heating element.
Here is the parts diagram for your model: KUDS01DJSS1 Diagram#5 part location#1 is your element.

You can try to reset your keypad by reading here what buttons to push on your model, but if it keeps happening that heater element will need to be repalced if your clean is blinking 7 times, Read where is says:

blinking light

My bad. I replace board after the washer stopped the first time in response to the add a dish light blinking. After that it was working great but never finished(the first usage) because the washer stopped and the clean light started to blink 7 times.
Also I looked in the link you provided for the code to reset however I didnt see any for the led blinking 7 times. Should I use the to reset if in Demo mode? Thank you for your help.
blinking light

Just a note. It turns out the parts list you provided above is where I purchased my control board.
Ok, thats very odd these 2 problems would happen at once.

I know it doesn't say anything about the clean light blinking 7 times, but the links I posted in the beginning of this thread explains about it.

I just posted that service sheet link so you can reset the blinking clean light error code, your model may have High Temp Scrub or Sani Rinse for the options on the keypad to choose from, then you press the buttons in sequence like it shows you.

blinking light

OK I didnt scroll my page over to the right. Is there a certain way to do this? When I try either option nothing happens hightemp -air or sani air. thank you for helping.
You have to do it twice in a row, the same sequence.

blinking light

Thank you for all your quick responses. I did two times in a row and nothing happens. SHould I just get a new washer?
Thank you! This helped

Thank you for the website. I have a Whirlpool Quiet PartnerII that had the blink 7 times problem and this info helped.
My KUDS01VMSS7 had the blinking issue. I did the button seq that started the machine again. Unfortunately, the machine does not work.
The tub fills with water but the jets never come on. There is a humming sound but the jets don't turn. After several minutes, the water is removed and more water is added. The humming comes back but no jets.
Any idea what is going on? Is the motor dead?

Another thing, when I open the door, the water level is right below the element and a sizzling sound is being made by the water. Is this the proper water level? Is this normal?
Reset Sequence Worked!!!

Thanks for the tip. I tried your 'reset sequence' on our Kitchen Aid KUDI01ILBS6 was able to run a 'Normal/Start' wash cycle for the first time in a month. Woo Hoo!

Note: our unit had shorted out due to a water leak from the 'Overflow' sensor unit in the bottom of the tub. I guess it invoked a 'brain dump' from the short.

Thanks for saving me $115 and the trouble shooting time.

-Team Beal
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