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Clothes washer don't work, troubleshooting manual WTW5500XW0 cabrio


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Nov 4, 2014
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More than 10 years
When started the standby and lid lock LEDs light. Lid does lock. That's all. No water, no spin, no nothing. Lid will unlock and its LED goes off after a few minutes.

All LEDs work.

Inside case was service tech repair manual. I was able to enter all the Diagnostic test modes.

In the manual test mode I was not able to get it into either spin or either agitation modes. These four test modes require the lid lock LED to light (along with other LEDs). These four test modes are the only manual test modes that require the lid lock LED to lite. So, I never saw the lid lock LED lite in manual test mode. It does light when the unit is in run mode, as previously mentioned. So, I can't enter manual test mode for spin or agitation. Note that I went ahead and did the spin and agitation tests (3a & 3b on pg 13 & 14) and unit passed all the spin and agitation tests listed, except some tests require entering spin and or agitation manual test mode, which i cant, as previously mentioned.

In the fault code display mode showed shifter fault. Unit passed all the shifter tests listed (3a pg 13), except some tests require entering spin and or agitate manual test mode, which i cant, as previously mentioned.

In the software version display mode shows version as 10.10.10 (2nd and 4th LEDs)

I dont know the age, but was requred to enter one.



Corrected AGE
Hi Paul, your washer is a 2010 model.

I'm attaching your tech data sheet below, do--->TEST #8: Lid Lock, page 18.

Here's the lid lock latch assembly for your model:
W10404050 Lid Latch Assembly



  • techsheet-w10240504-revc.pdf
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Ive done the tests several times. Is that pdf different then mine? My lid lock works.
Ok, then it sounds like the optical sensor in the shift actuator is not reading the tub basket movement properly, usually the fix for that is replacing the shift actuator, I have replaced many shift actuators for this same problem in my local area and it fixed them all.

Here's the shift actuator for your model:
WPW10006355 Shift Actuator

If you want to verify that its on page 14 in your tech. data sheet I posted above, where it says "Optical Sensor".

Id already done that test. It says to replace the shifter assembly. However, i wont do that until i confirm that is the problem. I removed the shifter assy and the shifter motor works, but i cant confirm if its electronices work or not. What concernes me is that I cant get the washer to enter those 4 test modes. I dont what to buy something, if there are other issues.
Ok Paul,

You are aware that the LID HAS TO BE LOCKED before it will agitate or spin in MANUAL TEST MODE for it to agitate and spin?

See where it says--->IMPORTANT: Lid must be closed and locked to perform SPIN & AGITATE tests.

The first step in MANUAL TEST MODE tells you how to LOCK THE LID.

If it locks in run operation but dont in manual test mode, that's not a lid lock error. Also lid locks in automatic test mode.
What I'm saying is the lid must be locked per the instructions, thus The first step in MANUAL TEST MODE tells you how to LOCK THE LID and UNLOCK the lid, but all you need to do is keep the LID LOCKED when doing the agitate and spin tests, you see what I mean?

At any rate it does seem like you have a bad control board, and yes its best to scrap the washer, BECAUSE that board is out of stock everywhere, probably due to the damn microchip shortage STILL GOING ON.

Here's the control board for your model:
W10392998 Electronic Control Board

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