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Coca-Cola Fridge not cooling


Aug 19, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years

I have the above fridge and for the life of me i can't figure out why its not cooling. So this is what i have done and what its doing.

Hopefully I can use the right terminology to explain what's happening and what i have checked.

Problem is, the fridge will not get cold, it had been working fine and randomly quit.

  • When i plug it in the compressor comes on and is running, after 30 min or so of running it seems like its still running, (its hard to hear over the Condenser fan) but the compressor is warm but not hot, using a temp gun its about 98F or so degrees and hangs there, doesn't get so hot that i can't touch it.
  • The condenser is clear and clean
  • The Condenser fan is running
  • in the fridge i removed the cover over the evaporator to check the temp of those coils it never get below 74F the room temp is about 76. The and the evaporator fan is running no problem
  • The thermostat is turned to its coldest
  • i removed the relay and its looked perfect no signs of it being bad, no burned marks or anything, so i reseated it.
  • One thing i did notice is that when i was checking the temp of the compressor, i measured the temp of the relay and it was 108F+ sometimes 110 i am not sure if that's normal.
  • The last thing is when i was finished looking it over and shut it off, i took some temp readings around the unit, and i notice that the piping on the condenser was decreasing, like cold fluid was filling it up, when it was running it was 75ish but after shutting it down it got down to 61F before climbing back up to room temp.
  • The condenser fan is loud so i unplugged that for a min to make sure i could hear if the condenser stay running and it does.
    I am looking for any additional advice or direction

Dan O.

Appliance Tech
Staff member
Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
If the compressor is running, the next step is usually checking the frosting of the evaporator coil. No (or partial) frosting while the compressor is running indicates a refrigeration system problem and something that likely needs a professional to look into further.

chrs2022 said:
i removed the relay and its looked perfect no signs of it being bad, no burned marks or anything, so i reseated it.

All the relay does is start the compressor. If the compressor is running, the relay is not involved with the problem.

Dan O.
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