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Combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 Possible Lightning Strike


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May 17, 2021
Tampa, FL
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1-5 years
My combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 may have been hit by lightning today. We had a terrible storm and there was a lightning strike that was so loud we believe it hit the house or nearby. We lost power entirely for a few hours and when it came back on our oven has zero power to it. Everything else in the house appears fine with the exception to a stereo receiver that is also without power. This leads us to believe lightning strike.

The oven display has zero lights, non-responsive to any button pushes, the oven lights do not come on. There aren’t any tripped breakers in my breaker box. I’m distraught because it’s such an expensive appliance.

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot it? Hoping and praying I can fix this myself without replacement entirely. Thank you!!
Disconnect power to your Oven first before opening up the control panel and volt testing. You will be testing volts at the Appliance Manager. Once you get access to the Appliance Manager turn the power back on, but be very careful not to touch anything when working with LIVE ELECTRICITY.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below. Page 13--->P1-4(orange wire) to P1-3 should be 14 Volts DC, that sends power to your User Interface to make it light up and respond.

Also check to make sure you are getting 120 Volts AC to the Appliance Manager--->Page 17 at connector J8--->Pin 1(black wire) and Pin 2(white wire)

Here's the Appliance Manager for your model:



  • Tech Sheet - W10756611 - Rev B.pdf
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