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Compressor Click - replaced start device and capacitor -still wont start- NEED HELP Please!


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Aug 20, 2013
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6-10 years
Hey guys,

Been doing some homework on this but I'm stumped. Any advice is appreciated.

Had a lightning storm. ( not sure if that is related) Compressor started to click and fridge stopped working. Click... humm... click. So, I went to google and decided to change the start device. it looked a little different but was pretty much the same. Installed it ... no change. I thought hmmm. must be the capacitor, bought one, installed it, no change.

I checked the 3 pins on the compressor. The two smaller numbers are within 0.2 of the larger number (around 9) and scraped off some paint and checked for continuity to ground ... no problem. I checked voltage to the compressor wires and I'm at 122.7.

I'm at a loss. I'm starting to wonder if it is a start device issue and that maybe the one I bought was DOA? When I ohm check the relay it jumps to about 18 then drops to 0.L Both the old and the new one do that. They rattle a little bit but not a lot. Not 100% sure how to test the capacitor or test start the compressor.

Any ideas?:wall:

Click... humm... click.
Installed it ... no change.

No change as in "Click... humm... click." still?

If yes = a bad compressor then. A compressor is an electrical motor and mechanical pump built together....mechanical pump could be seized.

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