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Jun 30, 2023
heidelberg, on
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More than 10 years
I am stumped .. Compressor is not coming on - no hum, nothing.
The fans are running - both at the condenser and the evaporator.

I have check and replaced the overload and the PTC. I have checked for resistance across the compressor 3 pins (doing it 2 at a time). Also checked for shorts to ground.
Temperatures in the fridge are reporting room temperature - its been dead for a couple days now.

In diagnostic mode is shows O - 2 and O - 5. Which if I understand correctly means fail on FF2 and fail on Freezer. Looking at the motherboard - I dont have a wire for FF2,
so I figure that is fine. The Freezer one has me puzzled. I initially thought that was the evap resistor and cut it out - found it was actually #4 in the diag test so now it flagged that.
I put that resister back in and cleared the O4 condition. So what is Freezer thermistor?
Is it the one hiding in the side of the freezer (bottom freezer)?? I checked at the J1 (removed from motherboard) and it seems to be reading okay resistance - 5K ish for 72F.
Anything I can test before caving in for a new fridge or having an expensive service call?
Where can I place my AC volts probes to verify if compressor is getting voltage? I tried between overload and pink - got nothing.
Any tips - searching and watching lots of vids on this but have reached a dead end.
I saw this thread
and my testing on PINK and BLACK shows 0 on ACvoltage.
Using the diagrams from the forum .. using 20AMP on mm, jumped J8 Compressor to Line turns on the compressor.
Testing voltage on each of the thermistors reads abt 2V
So need to find out what is NOT telling the fridge to turn on the compressor.
Putting power to/from the fridge causes a noticeable click on the relay just above the j8/9/11 connector.
Noticing a clicking the last time I powered on/down .. and jumping the J8 connection caused the compressor to run, I suspected the motherboard. I found a video about common issues.
I removed the motherboard, flipped it over and sure enough the one pin on the relay was nice n black and toasty. I did a quick clean and resolder of the joint and the refrigerator is running.
A new motherboard is in the very near future...

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