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Dec 7, 2013
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Hello All,
I could really use some help with my situation.
My Whirlpool GD5SHAXLQ01 filled the kitchen with smoke. After realizing the source of the problem the refrigerator was pulled away from the wall and unplugged. I found that the relay on the side of the compressor was burnt.

Here is a picture after its removal:

The wiring was too melted to definitely know how it was initially wired, but after some detective work (and confirmation from finding the wiring diagram behind the front grill), this is how it was before the event:

Here is the wiring diagram from the front grill:

This is how the area around the compressor pins appears now and you can see that some of the wires now require a new crimp terminal.

The blue wire, and 2 white wires were burnt to the point of being unusable. I clipped off the ends of those. The red and green ground wire were unharmed.

I was initially sent what I now believe is the wrong part. It is Overload Kit #W10247581

I believe it is the wrong part because the instructions state to ensure that you are using it with either Compressor EGY100 or EGZ100. My fridge has Compressor EGY90HLP

After realizing this I searched online for the correct part myself and was directed to another kit (Part# 4387835)

This kit came with no instructions, but I was able to confirm that at least the overload portion of the kit should be compatible with my compressor. I have been unable to determine definitely whether the PTC relay is compatible. It has 3 male terminal connections instead of the 2 found on the original.

Since the original had 3 wires requiring a connection and only offered 2 terminals, two of the wires were spliced together (the two white wires) and went into one terminal, and the blue wire went to the other terminal.
These are pics I have found online that show how my original relay was wired:

I realize this is all pretty convoluted, but my question is this: If I were to use the PTC portion of kit part#4387835 that has 3 male terminals, would I be able to put a a regular crimp terminal on each of those three wires (white, white, and blue) and connect the two white wires to the left side of the PTC with the blue wire attached to the right side?
In other words, would the use of this PTC make it unnecessary to splice the two white wires together since now there is an additional male connection on the left side of the relay?

Is there a danger in doing so? I would rather not live in the grey area when it comes to large appliances that have already posed a potential fire threat to myself and my family.
I'm sorry these pictures are so large. I took the time to resize them in my photobucket account, but for some reason they are shown here in their original size.


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Jul 11, 2006
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That relay will work. The PTC relay terminals on the same side are connected together internally. This should help:
Compressor Testing 02.jpg


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Aug 24, 2004
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