Conflicting info about GE PTS22SHSS efficiency

Charles Peterson

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Nov 2, 2009
San Antonio, TX
My 18 year old top mount freezer refrigerator died recently, and I had been considering getting the most fully featured and quietest top freezer model (the most space and energy efficient style, and I just like it best too) available, the GE Profile PTS22SHS. Fears about reliability, and long delay required for delivery, have made me order Whirlpool Gold model instead, and it *should* be delivered tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll stick with the Whirlpool. However if I find the Whirlpool to be too noisy, or has other problems, I might switch to GE.

But in days of researching these models, I find lots of inconsistent information about how energy efficient the GE model is. For example, the Energyguide over at shows energy usage at 527 KWhr per year, basically the highest energy use in category, and no energy star. That Energyguide has 2007 electricity cost.

However, over at AJ Madison, they have an apparently older Energyguide for this exact same model (and a couple others) with 2005 energy cost, that shows only 448 kWh per year, and that gets the Energy Star rating, which Madison also claims in their "facts" about this model:

So what has gone on here. The Energyguide that AJ Madison has looks authentic, but perhaps it's dated. Have the measurement methods changed, or did GE change the design to make it far less efficient?

This strangeness in efficiency also is apparent in the Consumer Reports August 2009 rating. They give it only "average" marks for efficiency (most top models do better), which is supposedly based on their measurements (and not US Government tests), but then if you look in the annual energy cost column, the GE Profile PTS has the lowest annual cost, $42/yr. Usually Consumer Reports reports much higher energy usage than Energyguide.
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