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Consumer needing advise on GE induction range PHB920SF2SS


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May 4, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
I have gotten error code FA92 about twice a quarter for over a year. With this error code, none of the burners work. Flipping the power breaker does a reset and everything goes back to working, annoying but I have lived with it. Last week, while I was boiling a pot of water, there was a loud pop from the range. The glass cooktop cracked front to back, thin line, level but you can feel it. I read that it should not be used in this condition, but burners still work, so you know I am...

My questions are:
This unit is 7 year old, should I fix it or replace it?
Glass top about $700 for part, not sure what fix is for the FA92 error code but I am guessing I am easily over $1000.
Watched a video on replacing the glass top and think I can do that myself. Any thoughts about the FA92 error code fix and if a homeowner should attempt.
If I need to replace unit, what company do you recommend? Really like this induction range, but not happy with these repairs on $2,800 range, willing to look at other companies, but only for induction.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Pat Smith
Your welcome Pat.

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