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Correct Sensor and Control Board for GE stove model JBP65GV2WH?


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Apr 13, 2020
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The preheat light is flashing and the broiler turned on instead of baking. Based on other helpful posts here, I understand the sensor or control board are likely the issue.

However, when I searched for these parts myself using the GE model number (JBP65GV2WH), multiple different sensors and control boards came up leaving me confused.

Can anyone help with identifying the proper sensor and control board for my GE Stove (JBP65GV2WH)?

Also, any videos to help with install/replacement instructions of these two parts? I understand it's on the easier side to do, but would be helpful to watch a video if possible. Or if not, repair manuals?

Thank you very much in advance.
Thank you Jake!
Could I get your opinion...Do you think the issue could be the sensor based on the below or do these symptoms point to the control board?

1. Preheat light is flashing
2. Broiler turned on instead of bake element when baking something at 350 for 15 minutes, and burnt everything.
3. After turning the oven off, the broiler stayed on even with the oven off. The stove had to be unplugged to get it to turn off.

I know you said both parts are no longer available anyways, and I don't have an ohm meter handy, but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks again.
The problem would be the clock oven control board.

Thanks for the quick response Jake.

Per Sears: Is this part (WB27X10215) a suitable replacement for the part that's no longer available (WB27X5562/AP2026769) ?
yedda011 said:
Is this part (WB27X10215) a suitable replacement for the part that's no longer available (WB27X5562/AP2026769) ?

Sorry for budding in but I don't think so.

I don't know where Sears came up with that number for the part. I checked 3 different sources and all say the correct control for model JBP65GV2WH is part # WB27X5562.

The part number shown at Sears # WB27X10215 is used on a later GE model JBP65GV3WH. Maybe they have their data mixed up? I do not believe WB27X10215 is the correct control, if it was, GE would substitute one number to the other, not totally discontinue it. I however don't know what the difference is between those parts.

Dan O.
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Dan is correct, you can't use WB27X10215 to replace WB27X5562

Guess a new range it is then. I was really trying! Thank you both, really appreciate your expertise and help.

Was hoping to upgrade to stainless steel if I had to buy a new one, apparently now almost everything is a cheaper metal that's painted to look like stainless. I had no idea. Guess I will see if there's anything out there I like, if not I'll just go with something cheap. I hate spending money on something I'm not impressed by the quality of. I was looking at Whirlpool models because everywhere it says it's the most reliable brand. However, that's how I found out about the 'stainless steel look', from reviews showing the stainless finish coming off after just months.
Do you know any reliable brands that still make real stainless electric options? Or are there any electric ranges you recommend overall?
I don't know any specific models to recommend. There are different grades of stainless steel as well as look alike. I wouldn't expect to find the best stainless steel in other than very expensive or commercial type models.

The manufacturer I usually recommend is Whirlpool under any of their brand names (see the following link).

LINK > Appliance411: Who makes what?

Dan O.

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