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CPLEF398CCA Power board cause of dual element not heating


Oct 18, 2013
Calgary, Canada
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello, I am hoping that someone can confirm my amateur diagnosis before I order a $250 power board. (i am referring to the circuit board in the rear bottom left of the range)

I have a dual element on a smoothtop frigidaire range that has stopped functioning. Initially i had suspected the element died, and ordered a replacement. Installing did not fix problem. (luckily return was accepted)

While I had the replacement element i tested the potentiometers and user interface boards. I did so by swapping both from one side to the other (in several permutations) to see if the dead element switched sided. (which it did not)

Subsequently i also checked all the wire connections between the power board and element, to ensure there was not a bad wire. All wire connections were fine.

Based on ruling out the element, wiring, potentiometer, and user interface boards; it is my guess that the power board is the fault. From inspecting power board I do not see anything visually apparent that would indicate the it is bad, but to my logic it is the only remaining thing that could be causing the element to stop working.

I appreciate help that anyone could provide.
Thanks in advance,
David Shanks