CQE28DM5NS5 GE Cafe Fridge Butane "Buzzing" Noise


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Jul 19, 2022
Carson City
We bought a GE Cafe refrigerator model CQE28DM5NS5 last year. We have been through two ice machines already and now the fridge makes a loud buzzing noise from the back panel. If I unplug the fridge from the wall the noise persists for about two minutes so I know the butane is still running through the fridge making the sound. I talked to a local appliance repair guy and he said that since the manufacturers have started to eliminate the accumulators from the fridges that the newer models have this buzzing noise issue when the coolant goes from a liquid to gas. When I unplug the fridge and let the sound dissipate then it will run silently for 3-4 weeks before the sound starts up again. But I essentially have to unplug my fridge, discharge it, then plug it back in every month! This is NOT acceptable for a $4500 refrigerator. Our appliance repair guy said that he's heard of some people wrapping the capillary line with some kind of special tape to help quiet the noise but not eliminate it. I find this absolutely disgusting that I'm essentially stuck with the fridge that has all of these problems.

Here are a couple youtube shorts, sorry the phone can't capture the noise very well but it's audible all the way in our living room.

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