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Crisper drawer freezing in GE profile PFE28RSHGSS


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Jun 6, 2023
Carmel, IN
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a GE profile model PFE28RSHGSS refrigerator. About a month ago the crisper drawer started to lightly freeze items in the drawer. Last week the refrigerator wouldn't keep a temperature below 52 degrees. I took the bottom part of the fridge apart and found it completely frozen over. The evaporator fan was seized so I defrosted everything and replaced the fan with a new one. This fixed the issue and the unit now stays at 34-37 depending on where we set it, however, now everything in the crisper drawer is freezing solid, worse than before. The top part of the fridge is at the proper temp, but I can't get the temp controlled in the drawers.
The crisper drawer has a separate fan, but when I removed it it still seemed to move freely. I have opened the back on the fridge again and confirmed the new evaporator fan is still functioning properly. Not sure how to test the fan for the drawer other than it moves
freely by hand
To be safe, I also replaced the fan for the crisper drawer. Everything in the bottom of the refrigerator is still freezing even though the top half of the fridge is at 37 degrees. The temp control is digital and set to 37 degrees. The new evaporator fan is still working, and both fans are running. Does anyone have an idea of the issue?

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