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FIXED CVE28DP4NBW2 GE Cafe Refrigerator No Ice

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Jul 26, 2021
Madison, WI
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I have a GE Cafe Refrigerator, French style manufactured 2021. Model #: CVE28DP4NBW2 Serial #: FS155995. The original issue was that no ice was being made in the ice maker in the door. GE was called and they said they don't service the area. During the diagnostics service mode the error code said the door was left open for more than 15 minutes. Icing was found in the freezer cabinet on the back wall coming out of the vents. In service mode, the evaporator fans ran successfully but the ice box fan would not run.

The refrigerator was turned off for 24 hours with doors open. When the fridge was turned back on the ice box fan would not run during the Test #50. The other fans ran properly during their tests. The ice box fan was replaced and during service mode ran properly and good airflow noted during the test. 24 hours later, no ice was made from the ice maker. Returning to service mode, fault code appears: F 0601 = Ice harvest takes > 10 min. Test #50 ran to evaluate the operation of the ice box fan. Initially, it is heard that the fan starts up and then stops and flashes “00” on the display repeatedly.

The flashing “00” is not referenced in the service manual so I don’t know what this is indicating. Ice box thermistor test was done and it revealed “41” which means “open/shorted or not present.” I don’t know if that is helpful information. Is anyone familiar with an issue similar to this? Any thoughts on what would cause the ice box fan to stop running after it ran successfully? Is there a possible short to the main control board that now has possibly damaged the ice box fan?

I see there was a similar issue going on in the thread below which is unfortunate...
I'm attaching the ice box fan diagnostics sheet below.

Its possibly a main control board problem then.

Here's the main control board for your model, if needed: Refrigerator Main Control Board WR55X42465

You can do the voltage test on the main control board for that ice maker fan motor.

Main Board
• J8 pin 1 (black) to J8 pin 4 (red): 12.5 VDC
• J8 pin 1 (black) to J4 pin 1 (yellow): 2 to 4 VDC*
• J8 pin 1 (black) to J4 pin 2 (white): 2 to 3 VDC*
*NOTE: (Voltage dependent on fan speed when fan is on, will be 0 VDC when fan is of).

I located another thread that had this similar issue:
Look on page 2 of that thread, he replaced the ice maker as well as the ice box fan, and that fixed it.

Here's the ice maker for CVE28DP4NBW2: Small Cube Icemaker WR30X39345


  • GE Icebox fan diagnostics.pdf
    118.3 KB · Views: 270
Turns out it was a bad ice maker. The fault code language should have tipped me off, "F 0601 = Ice harvest takes > 10 min."

Ice maker was stuck in harvest mode and failed there.
Glad to hear the new ice maker fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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