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CWC-1200DZ Wine cooler fan

Randy Sherman

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Mar 18, 2020
Paso Robles,CA
Does anyone know where I can buy equivalent replacement fans? I have attached pics of Cuisinart info tag and fan. I tried google search for exact fan with no major appliance part suppliers having a replacement part. I sure someone on the planet has found an equivalent replacement part...I just need to find them!


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With a lot of these cheaper units the manufacturer doesn't even carry replacement parts. Basically if anything goes wrong they want you to buy a new one. The only part that looks to be available for your model is another shelf. :/

The fan at the following link fits another brand of wine cooler but looks very close to yours and is also 12v DC and 0.17 amps.

LINK > U-Line Wine Cooler Fan

It might be worth a try? The wiring harness may not match yours. The wires might have to be cut and joined together though.

Dan O.
I've experienced two "broken" fans in my history of repairing these appliances. You needn't replace this part with OEM—fans are easily sourced from an electronics supply such as Mouser, DigiKey, et cetera.

Consider repairing the fan. The things are insanely simple devices with very little torque—the smallest amount of dust build-up around the armature or stator will cause them to seize. With some effort, remove the fan blade/hub unit from the motor. Remove the inevitable detritus you find within. The fan will operate if the windings haven't shorted due to heat. Bench test the thing before reinstalling. Replace if it doesn't spin post-cleaning.
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