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CYE22TSHDSS GE Cafe freezer not getting cold but fridge working


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Jul 30, 2018
snohomish wa
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My Ge café fridge has that this problem for a few weeks and I cant seem to figure out what's causing it. The fridge part of the appliance is working(getting cold) but the bottom freezer is not. I have ran the diagnostics in Service Mode and verified all the fans are running. I have not yet removed the back of the freezer section to look at the coils but I imaging they are not frosty as its nearly 65 degrees in the freezer section. Everything else seems to be working fine on the fridge(water, lights) but no ice whice is expected since the freezer is not cold. Not sure if this is some sort of airflow, thermostat or main board problem but wanted to see if anyone on this forum has any insight on best way to troubleshoot this. I was using the attached service manuals in this thread for refrence.

Yes, those service manuals are fairly useless because it doesn't tell you how to volt test the compressor inverter board output volts to the compressor, or to the compressor inverter board input volts from the motherboard.

If the compressor is cold to the touch, then its not running and it would either be a bad compressor inverter board, or bad motherboard. But GE does not give you the instructions to volt test either one.

So you'll likely need to have GE come out to see what's going on.

Thanks Jake,
I have an update. The freezer just started getting cold again by itself. I think the compressor, and inverter are fine. Is it possible the Defrost Timer or Defrost thermostat is bad? It is possible it was not cooling due to ice buildup or something causing the air to no flow correctly into the freezer? Is there an easy way to test the Defrost Timer and Defrost thermostat?
One symptom that is still occurring is the freezer temp seems to fluctuate between 8-12 degrees F and not sitting on 0 degrees as set. Previously it seemed to consistently sit on the 0 degree temp as set.

No, it wouldn't be a Defrost Timer or Defrost thermostat because you didn't have massive frost buildup on your evaporator coil, in fact you had no frost on it from what you said in your first post.

Its possible your motherboard is malfunctioning because thats what turns the compressor on, and if it just come on out of the blue that's where I would think the problem is.

Unplug your refrigerator and Look on your motherboard and see if you notice any burnt or discolored spots on it.

Here's the motherboard for your model: WR55X30452 Main Control Refrigerator

Thanks Jake, just one note. The fridge part of the unit consistent hold fine at 37degrees. Just the freezer flucuates. Could this still be a sign the main board has failed. If I order the main board from you link and it doesn't solve the problem can it be returned?
You may want to ohm test your freezer thermistor first. It should read 16.3K ohms at 32 degrees. I test them is a glass of ice water, waiting at least 5 minutes before ohm testing them.

Here's the freezer thermistor for your model:
GE WR55X10025 Temperature Sensor

Its located inside the freezer.

Should be #511 here:
(click to enlarge)

Thanks Jake, I'll check it. Do you have a recommendation for a video to watch that show testing them?
Watch this video from Shawn:

You have a different motherboard, so don't do any testing from the motherboard itself.

Reviving an old thread. This fridge started working again correctly for nearly a year. However, recently the drain line froze over so I have to defrost it and unclog the drain tube. Since then, the freezer will no longer maintains cold temps. Last I checked it was 32 degrees in the freezer and 37 in the fridge. I replaced the GE WR55X10025 Temperature Sensor as it was an inexpensive part but that didn't resolve the issue. Odd that the fridge section is working fine but the freezer is not holding temp. Do you have a service manual for this model? I know how to put in into service mode but not sure exactly how to use that to diagnose the problem. I attached a picture of the sensor I replaced. Also, there is no frost build up on the coils in the freezer compartment.

Any other suggestions?


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Is it only frosty on the right side of your evaporator coil?

Look at these photos below, the bottom one is NORMAL.

Frost Patterns.jpg
Yea, when I checked there was very little frost on the evaporator coils. Just a little on the right side near the sensor. But the freezer was also warm at the time so it possible the frost just melted.
Yes, but you have to be 100% sure, so put the evaporator cover loosely back in place and let it run for about an hour and see if ALL the coils have a thin layer of frost on them from top to bottom.

If not, you have a sealed system problem and you'd need to have GE come out. Sealed system repairs can not be repaired by consumers.

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