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CYE23TSDDSS GE Refrigerator/Freezer not getting cold


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Sep 30, 2018
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6-10 years
Good evening. I have a GE Cafe french door style refrigerator.

It appears the freezer has stopped working. The compressor is running and the coils are clean in back. The compressor fan runs. The fan inside the freezer turns on when I open the freezer door and the refrigerator evaporator fan appears to be running (I had to change this out a couple years ago).

There doesn't appear to be any ice buildup inside although to be honest I didn't take the back off to check. However, I did remove all the shelves and bins (good time to clean everything!) and reached my fingers into the vents at the back and it doesn't feel cold. So I don't think the problem is the defrost heater or thermostat. Maybe the temperature sensor is bad?

Any thoughts on what I can do to troubleshoot before I "call the guy". :)
Update: I ran the service test and it showed I got failure code 105 over 100 times today. 105 seems to mean the condenser fan cannot reach target RPM. So I guess I'll try ordering one and swap it out to see if that fixes the issue. I am skeptical though because the fan seems to be running okay, or at least good enough that the freezer should be somewhat cold, but it is at 68 degrees...
WR60X10358 ( condenser fan motor)

not your exact model, but basic parts install

attached training manual that includes your model, page 65 is diagnostics.


  • 655314160_GE2013CAFEandBuilt-inStyleFrenchDoorRefrigeratorTrainingManual.pdf
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Well, as suspected the condenser fan did not fix the issue. Wound up calling the GE appliance repair and unfortunately it looks like its a closed system issue, probably a leak in one of the lines. Rather than repair it I've decided to purchase a new fridge as the estimated repair was around $800 (at least).

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