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D8200 Maytag Dryer Installation help - power cord


May 10, 2023
Lexington, Ky
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a model D8200 dryer. It was originally installed in an apt I had that was an older building and apparently had the older three prong outlet. So when they installed it they put a three prong plug power cord on the dryer instead of the four prong one it was designed for. I didn't fully realiize this until reading the installation manual recently and realizing that was an option the installers had. I guess the other option would have been to put the four prong cord on the dryer and use an adapter? I honestly don't know.
I have since moved and now the outlet is a newer 4 prong outlet. But I now have a newer-ish model dryer but with a 3 prong plug power cord attached.

What is recommended? I'll be totally honest, I am not knowledgeable on this so some of this info may seem off or what I need to do may seem obvious.
Do I need to get an electrician or Maytag tech out to change out the power cords? Or would it be ok or even safe to use an adapter to take this model dryer from using three prongs back to the four prongs it really should be using? Any and all help is appreciated.
Its very easy, just go to any hardware store and buy the 4 prong dryer cord and install it after you remove the 3 prong dryer cord. Make sure you unplug the dryer first.:)

There are many Youtube videos that show you how to do it when you type in "dryer power cord 3 prong to 4 prong"

Here's one:

That guy in the video above is wrong how to do it.
What was he wrong about bigbuck? I didn't see anything he did wrong, but maybe I missed it?
4 prong cord hook-up requires you to remove the white wire that is already connected to the screw on the left of the opening and attach it with the other white cord wire to the center of the three terminals. Neutral and ground are not to be connected except at the main panel.
That's correct, I did miss that, my bad.

Thanks for correcting that bigbuck!

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