Danby Dehumidifier -- how to remove panels / case - humidity reading at 90% constantly


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Dec 30, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada
I have a Danby Model DDR060BFCWDB Dehumidifier (Purchased new in 2019) and it has been working fine up until about 2 weeks ago. The humidity level is continually reading 90% which is wrong first of all (actual is around 60%) and secondly, based on this reading, one would think the compressor would be running continually but it is not. If I do turn it off for a bit and back on, I do hear the compressor run, and I do see it cooling and condensing water which runs to my sump pit via a clear drain hose.

The unit has been kept clean and not full of dust or mold or anything like that. Nonetheless, I suspect it could be the humidity sensor and my next step is to simply open the case / remove the panels to get a closer look and clean the internal components. Of course Danby support is of no help, and I have not been able to locate any tech documents on this unit.

See below pics for more info, and what I am trying to do is separate / pry off the rear panel after removing the 3 screws.. there appear to be some clips or a mechanism holding it together, so just looking for tips on the correct process to remove that rear panel from the unit. Thank you!

On another note, and I think I will post this as a separate topic, but I am tired of these residential dehumidifiers failing after a very short life, and as per what I have seen discussed in other threads, a $250 unit is just not worth repairing (economically speaking) through a service company, hence the DIY route. I am also considering a commercial unit -- one such as the unit at this link. Does anyone have experience / opinion on units such as this for a residential basement?

Here is a pic of the unit

  • image.png.6289e479cc9ba4cefcead3f5aebf5dcf.png

The circled locations are the 3 screws I have removed on the rear panel below

  • image.thumb.png.0a213fe946df3f4606d7575a7f773209.png
This pic below shows the back of the unit with the rear panel on the right

  • image.thumb.png.ca7f8a6eadfb15169b8057dcfbc65c07.png
I do not know how to service that particular unit but that previous forum message linked below might help with your complaint.

I do not know how to service that particular unit but that previous forum message linked below might help with your complaint.

Thanks, will give that a try.
I determined how to further disassemble. There are additional screws accessible from the inside (left side In the 3rd pic above) that once removed allow one to remove the top, 2 end panels and finally that large rear panel on the right. I have also replaced the small humidity sensor / circuit board assembly with a new one and the unit is working fine again.

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