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DCVH680GJ1MR GE gas dryer won't heat


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Oct 5, 2019
San Diego
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More than 10 years

I have the DCVH680GJ1MR dryer model, per my label (and also referred to as DCVH680GJMR on the GE product site, not showing the "1" digit) .
  • Does anyone have the "technical service guide" for this model? GE customer service is un-empowered, they don't have access to this.
I've tested the three commonly failing sensors, the hi-limit, the thermostat, and inlet thermistor. I took the drum out to easily reach and test these, and now I'm frustrated I'll have to put it back together to run more tests, but have hope that I'll at least narrow it down. I have done some dust cleaning, but I haven't thoroughly cleaned the lint. I did notice my door light bulb has burned out. I'll need to replace that, but assume that won't stop the dryer from heating?

I didn't realize I could run a service test to get error codes until I saw this other 2016 thread with wonderful information:

My dryer was manufactured in 2008.

Extra question #1: It also looks like my bulb burned out. I assume that will have no impact on the operation (like a door switch will)? Can I get this bulb regularly at a Home Depot / hardware store or is it only a specific part that I have to order online?

Extra question #2: (see pics below)
a) When I put the drum back into place, attaching the belt, how do align it around the pulleys (whatever they are called)? Do I have it right in the first picture?
b) And which side of the belt faces in/out? I see 3 threads on the small metal pulley thing. And the belt has one flat side, and one grooved-side with 3 grooves, which seems to fit the threads on the metal piece. I assume I fit the threads and grooves and the flat size faces outward from the drum.

-> I also found a related post (thanks rickgburton), so I may not need the full guide but I'd still appreciate it if it's available. :)
I assumed the method to get into the service test mode could be wildly different between models, but this person also had a DCVH680GJ* model and it worked for him.

I'll do some extra lint cleaning just in case that's tripping my sensor(s). I better do that before I put things back together, run my service test for error codes, and then find out I should have done it while I had things taken apart.

My only worry is putting the drum back into place. This is my first time repairing a dryer. The idea of trying to get the drum firmly and correctly lined up, while trying to fit the belt around it (it's tight you know haha), doesn't sound like fun!! It was tedious to get it taken off.

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Updating for the sake of any other newbies like me, who come across this.

To answer my own question, yes the belt goes as shown above.

Also, you can refer to this video which is excellent for a long walkthrough of GE dryers. I've linked here to the spot where he adds grease for the drum bearing and then connects the drum together.

The proper grease as I found from others online, is a white lithium grease. Less than $5 at my Home Depot.

I inserted the drum first, then barely fit my arm (careful of cutting yourself) thorugh the lower left and tightened the belt around two fingers, and pulled it down over the metal (threaded) post as pictured above. Just like the guy in the video, except I don't know how the heck he got both hands in there to do it. It isn't easy with just one hand and two fingers' worth.

I'll run the service test mode for error codes and see where I'm at.
So I have no error codes.
"Clean Lint Filter" is stuck on.
I ran a high-dry, high-heat regular cycle (about 50 mins).
The heat came on early, and lasted more than 5 minutes.
But by the end, the single towel I put in wasn't fully dry. I can assume it didn't continue heating through to the end.

What could be wrong here, I wonder. The lint filter is clean... hmm.

Could be the gas coils, per Jake over here in this thread?

Or moisture sensor wires/rods? I think they're right on the inside of the door. I can clean them with rubbing alcohol. I'll try that first.
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Yes, the most common part to wear out on gas dryers when it only heats at the beginning then no more heat after that is the gas coils that are wearing out and causing this problem.

Here's the gas coil kit for your model you can order here:
279834 Dryer Gas Valve Coil Kit

Thanks Jake! 2 things... I'm curious why the coils have a role in working just once, and not again during a cycle? I trust your feedback, and also I want to learn more. :) I will start there. And also, if that doesn't work, is it is possible my other two sensors I didn't replace -- the Hi-Limit thermostat, or safety thermostat -- might be at fault? I don't understand the difference in their role, vs the thermistor. Could they play a role in the sensor modes, and shut off the heat after it initially came on?

Regarding the lint filter error, I'm curious where it senses that? I assume it figures out the pressure on the outbound air? I took a lot of lint out of my flexible vent hose. The lint filter/trap in the door is clean. I can check the vent from outside my house too. Still no error codes. If all else gets fixed (e.g. my heating issue) and it still warns me of lint, I figure I can just ignore that error? Or does that pose a risk of some malfunction?
Its very simple. If you have good air flow through the dryer and your vent exhaust is clean and clear and your cycling thermostat and hi-limit thermostat ohm test good, then it can only be the gas coils going bad.

Gas Coils are just solenoids and they wear out over the years.

Thanks again Jake. I see that on Sensor mode that after 20 ins the drum was cold. I put it on timed dry to see if it holds heat through the whole 30mins. I'll order those coils!
Yes, try it on TIMED DRY and see if it holds heat for 30 minutes.:)

Ok, then that means the gas coils are definity bad.


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