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FIXED DDT595SMJ0ES GE Dishwasher Flashing orange light


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Sep 9, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi I have a GE dishwasher, model #DDT595SMJ0ES. After selecting cycle and pressing start, when I close the door, it does not start the cycle and the orange light keeps flashing. Usually that happens when the door is open so I initially thought it was the door latch-part # WD21X10490 and replaced it but same thing is still happening.

I checked the wire going from latch to the control board and that wire is undamaged and securely connected to board and the latch. I am thinking of replacing control board next but would like professional advice before spending anymore money. Please reply as soon as possible, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
Hi, --->Check your main control board STATUS LED, Tell us how many times its flashing in a row or if its STEADY ON or STEADY OFF.

--->Here's the main control board for your model: WD21X24901 Machine Control

Here's the video that show you how to remove the cover to access the main control board, and Service LED on it: Service LED Control Board Video

Make sure the door harness connector is attached to the bottom of the control board casing connector when you view the Service LED light, because if it's not that Service LED made be STEADY ON, which would be a false error code. Also make sure the 120 volt connector to it in the front is still attached to it also.

GE control board status led.jpg

Excellent, glad to hear the new control board fixed it. (y)

Thanks for the update!

I’m having the same issue with the flashing orange light. I checked the door switch and it seemed to be fine. It it latching properly. I’ve pulled the control board down to where I can see it but there is no LED indicator lighting up when I plug it in or try to run a cycle.

The model number tag is located inside the door on the tub frame.

Do you have the exact same model number DDT595SMJ0ES? If so, and the STATUS LED is STEADY OFF, then you will need to order and replace the control board.

--->Here's the control board for DDT595SMJ0ES: WD21X24901 Machine Control

Model Number: DDT595SMJ0ES
Brand: GE
Age: Just over 5 years

Having the same issue as original post I believe. I've done the door test with holding the Select Cycle/Start buttons and lights are always flashing no matter if door is closed or not. I've re-seated all of the connections and tried turning the Dishwasher breaker on/off again to no avail. The Status LED seems to be STEADY OFF with all connections and power on - is the only solution really to replace the whole board? It seems excessive to replace a $125 part if it's simply one component that's impacted (this post makes a similar comment, but hasn't yet reported back about what the issue may be for that model).
Yes, when the STATUS LED is STEADY OFF on the control board underneath the dishwasher, and you have 120 volts incoming to it, that indicates the control board needs to be replaced.

Yes, no one has tried to repair this board as of yet, as far as I know.


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