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FIXED DDT595SMJ0ES UI Board Part Number Confirmation


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Jun 30, 2022
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6-10 years
I am having trouble with my User Interface Board, it is unresponsive and the main control board has a STEADY ON green LED. I have found a couple of posts with similar symptoms: Post 78436 and post 80234. I still need to perform the measurements recommended by these posts to confirm the board is faulty, but it seems as though I will need to replace it. Each of these posts links WD21X23461 Kit Svc Ui Top Logic as a replacement, but there seems to be a discrepency between this and what the GE website lists.

It looks like GE reports the part was originally WD21X23003 which has since been replaced by WD21X32004.
Are WD21X23461 (Replaced by WD21X31910) and WD21X32004 essentially the same or is there some important difference that I need to account for? I would like to avoid spending an extra ~$100 if one is not what I will need.
Also something I noticed: the images listed on each site to describe each piece are slightly different which makes me think that the WD21X31910 part is not what I need (since I can't determine which Model it's meant for).

Each lists the UI component as "718" in the diagram, but the parts between the two panels of the door differ slightly.
Yes, UI Board Part WD21X23461 Kit Svc Ui Top Logic has been replaced by WD21X31910

Here's the instructions to replace the UI Board below. Disconnect power to the dishwasher before you begin.

You will need to remove the whole door, then separate the door, then remove the front control console, to replace the UI Board.

Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M-G9W3HiaYnihdB5Cy-jfSPoVf8DZ7j7

Page 28 Door Removal
Page 30 Separate Door
Page 31 Front Control Console Removal
Page 32 UI Removal

NOTE--->When replacing UI control boards, the new UI Board MUST be configured as per the instructions included with the replacement. If the personality is not set by using the 4 jumpers, the buttons, LED’s or cycles will not function properly.

Let us know how it goes.

Are WD21X23461 (Replaced by WD21X31910) and WD21X32004 essentially the same or is there some important difference that I need to account for? I would like to avoid spending an extra ~$100 if one is not what I will need.
On Your model, yours uses this UI Board WD21X31910
I ended up purchasing WD21X31910 and everything is running smoothly after getting it replaced. I had a little trouble with getting the door off since it wasn't the same as the video I found in other posts, and I didn't understand how the personality was set with the jumpers until I found another video with how those worked. I've linked the two videos that helped me below, but in case those links die I've also included a quick summary of the notable points of each.

Thanks for the help Jake!

How to separate inner/outer door pieces on DDT595SMJ0ES:
- There are two bolts connecting the door hinge to the outer/inner pieces of the door. Only the 'top' bolt needs to be removed from each hinge
- Then there are 4 bolts (2 on each side) connecting the outer/inner pieces of the door.
- Once these 6 connections have been removed you can slide the inner door 'up' and then pull it off of the outer door.

Better understand the 'jumper settings' for UI Board personality:
- There are two parts here that are important, first is the actual pins connected to the board, and then the jumpers. The jumpers are the black pieces likely connected to only one of the 2 pins in a column and can be removed. The "jumper settings" table will show how these black pieces (jumpers) must be connected. From what I can tell, the jumper will simply connect the two pins together indicating to the main control board what UI to use.
- From what I can tell, the personality is represented by a 4 bit binary number. Jumping two pins together is a "1", so XXX- where X is two pins jumped together and - is un-jumped is 1110 which is 14 in binary (the setting for DDT595 models).
Glad to hear the new UI Board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update and added information you provided.:)

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