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FIXED DDT595SSJ5SS GE Adora Dishwasher No Display


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Aug 25, 2022
North Carolina
Model Number
1-5 years
My dishwasher is less than 3 years old. A few months ago, the display would randomly light up and beep. The dishwasher worked as it should other than that. We came back from vacation in May and it wouldn't work at all. A "technician" came out and said it was the main board but cold also be the UI board.

After that, I decided to venture into it myself. After some online research I decided to replace the main board. Before doing so, I plugged the dishwasher back in and it started working. It worked for a couple of weeks before going out again. I replaced the main board and it came on, however it continued the random lighting up and beeping. After about a month, it stopped working again.

I then replaced the UI board and nothing. I contacted the company where I ordered the board and they were kind enough to send another one as a warranty replacement. I installed it and nothing. By the way, the main board does have a green LED light blinking. Using a non contact AC circuit tester, the wiring harness is sending power to the UI board. I'm just a DIY'r and am at a complete loss here. Can anyone help me figure this thing out?

Did you set the personality jumpers per the instructions that came with the new UI Board?

Here's the user interface(UI) Board for your model: WD21X31910

Remember--->You have to set the personality jumpers on the new UI Board before you install it or it will not work, the instructions that came with the new UI Board show you how to do it.:)

Ok, lets check your door wire harness to see if its shorting out, look for bad spots on it, look for any metal pins that have backed out of either side of the connectors that connect to the machine control board and UI Board.

Here's the door wire harness for your model:

Thanks for that. I used an AC voltage contactless tester to trace each wire from the bottom of the door up to the UI board. All responded that they had power. Is this a good way to check them?
I did physically look at them as well and saw no evidence of damage. A friend of mine said the copper wire inside of the jacket on his dishwasher broke without breaking the jacket. He said you can pull gently on each wire and identify which one it is by watching the outer jacket stretch. I did that but did not see anything.
Ok, sounds good.

Hi Jake, I watched the video. My question is now what should I test with my meter and how do I test the part? If it’s the harness, can you give me some guidance on how to do this?
Ohm test the door wire harness, meaning remove it from the machine control board under the dishwasher, and the remove the upper connector at the UI Board at the top of the dishwasher door, and ohm test each wire from one side of that door wire harness connector to the other side, each wire should ohm for continuity which is about 0 to 1 ohm.

Yes, the wire harness is good.:)

So either the machine control board underneath the dishwasher is defective, or the UI Board is defective.

Read my post #2 here:
I explain how to check the machine control board underneath the dishwasher for the flashing LED light.

If its flashing, then the UI Board is defective, contact the place you got it from and tell them that, and they should be able to send you another new one.

Hmmm, ok. I did that and they sent another UI board and I installed it and nothing is working still. What’s the chance that they have sent me 2 defective boards?
Where you getting them from?
Ok, are you absolutely sure you are setting the personality jumpers properly?

Take a photo of how you have them set and I can verify if you have them set properly.

I think so. Here’s a picture.


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Ok, are you absolutely sure you are setting the personality jumpers properly?

Take a photo of how you have them set and I can verify if you have them set properly.

I think so. Here’s a picture.
Jake I think I just had a light bulb moment. After sending the picture, I noticed that I may have the 1st three jumpers up too high. Do they all need to drop down one pin?

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