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dealing with unethical repair svc?



My frigidaire front loader did the famous "death rattle", and I contacted a large repair svce whose CS (not a tech) told me they would come fix it for a flat $129.

I thought this included parts from the call, but the actual text on the contract reads: "COD customer is aware of $128.95; includes T/C, diagnosis, labor + parts. Also 1 year warrantee, P&L on relevant repair."

I read this as parts included not excluded as they claim, but clearly grammar and punctuation aren't their strengths. Maybe my misunderstanding, but it gets worse.

The first tech has no idea what he's dealing with. He tweaks something and goes away saying call again it it's still bad. We paid him the $128. It's still bad so we call again. It takes 3 weeks to get another more qualified tech in who says the machine is dead, that repairing the bearings would be too costly. I say either repair it or give me back my money. He calls in, & they'll get back to me with an estimate.

A week later a woman calls telling me that it'll cost me another $173 for parts and $125 for a second man for the job. $320 with tax. Why am I paying for labor when it clearly says labor included? She says this big a repair is an exception to that guarantee. I say shouldn't that be explicit in the contract? She says she'll mention that to the boss!

My temptation is to have them do the repair and stiff them on the extra labor and let them prove in small claims their bullshit. A total of $456 to repair this washer is nuts.

Plan B is to extract my money back from them, get a $50 used toploader and take my time repairing the frigidaire as per the thread in the forum.

Any good suggestions on playing hadball either way with these clowns?


Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona

I know at Sears, they will ask you if you would like to purchase a service smart contract, but with that you pay before the tech. arrives by phone with a credit card, then the repair is free for parts and labor up to $500, If its over $500, you can pay the remainder, or Sears will give you a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new washer.

I would demand all the money back from that company, or take them to small claims court, then just go get a new or used, preferably new washer.