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Deciphering General Electric Refrigerator model number


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Jan 11, 2020
Seattle, WA
Model Number
Interested in a vintage GE refrigerator that is for sale somewhat near me and I asked the seller for some information about it. This is all they responded with so I need to try to decipher the model number in an effort to look up some info on it, such as the date (not that important, it looks the part) and the size (more important).

I went to the GE website and the numbers don't correspond to anything on their website. The date is determined by the serial number but the first two are supposed to be letters. 7 and Y are not on the list. I tried the first two of the model number and T and C would point to October of 1946 and I know this fridge is from the '60's.

What is stamped on this plate looks to be:

Model #: TC424YFG or maybe TC42.4YFG

Amperes: 6.6

Serial #: 7Y649653


I'm just trying to find out what the cubic feet interior dimensions are to compare it to the fridge we have now, which is medium sized but we often put leftovers and stuff in there that we never eat so a slightly smaller refrigerator wouldn't be the worst thing to get, especially if it's period correct for our 1961 kitchen.

It's currently turquoise green but I would be repainting it the wonderful "woodtone brown" color, as I will be painting my KitchenAid/Hobart KDI-58. Yes, I know that's from the late '70's but it sure looks the part!

Thanks in advance.

That appears to be an early 1960's model, maybe 1962-1964.

I have no idea of the size but would guess maybe 15-17 cu.ft. being a bottom freezer model. If your really wanted to know it could be roughly calculated:

The freezer might be a little tricky but you could easily figure out its maximum possible size and subtract a bit for the odd compartment configuration.

Dan O.

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