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FIXED Defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer Model 596.69283011


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Aug 25, 2016
Nova Scotia
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
1-5 years
I am having a defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer (Model #: 596.69283011).

The freezer is working, but fridge gets warm. Even before this happens I can tell it is going to happen with extra frost on freezer items and really hard ice cream. Also I usually find some frost on the back vent in the top part of the fridge too.

The compressor seems to be running fine and the back fan near the compressor does as well. Removing the back panel in the drawer freezer reveals that the coils are completely iced up. Blower Fan from freezer into fridge is free of ice and is still working.

I have manually defrosted 6-8 times so far and fridge seems to work fine after (sometimes for as little as a 1 week, sometimes as much a month or so).

My amateur troubleshooting to date:
- Tested defrost heater: continuity test showed between 0-50 (something like 30 or 40). Shouldn't be the problem.
- Tested thermistor: continuity test, room temp test was 6.8k ohms and ice water test was around 28k ohms. Shouldn't be the problem.
- Tested defrost thermostat: continuity test in glass of ice water didn’t give a reading, replaced this part with brand new. After almost a month, same issue again. Warm fridge and coils blocked up with ice.

I keep reading about the timer and I do not know where that is located on my fridge model. I am assuming it is not a mechanical timer and would mean replacing a circuit board?

I am currently at a loss…any help REALLY appreciated. This manual defrosting is getting old.
Hi Ryan,

What we do is a process of elimination, meaning if both the defrost heater and defrost thermostat test good, that leaves just one other part left which is the JAZZ control board.

So you did already replace the defrost thermostat: Defrost Thermostat WPW10165425 ?

Here's the JAZZ control board for your model you can order:
Main Control Board WPW10503278

Read the instructions carefully and thoroughly.:)

Hey, thanks for the reply and the part suggestion. That was the one I have been pricing out so it's nice to have some confirmation.

I did already replace the defrost thermostat and that didn't solve the issue.

I have been doing my research and I agree with the control board being the only/next logical step. I was just hoping to avoid replacing a $200 part.
Yes Ryan, that's what you will need is the JAZZ control board. You get $60 cash back when you send back your old one, so that saves you some money.:)

RepairClinic does ship to Canada.:)

I will have to look into that and compare it to the local parts places. The USD to CAD conversion would probably still kill me despite the benefit of the return policy. I will have to work out the financial side of things but again, I really appreciate the technical help with all of this!
Ok, yes I understand about the conversion rate now, years ago the conversion rate was more in your favor.:)

Let us know how it goes from where ever you buy it at, we love to hear final results.:)

So just to follow up on everything, I ended up getting the jazz board from 'Reliable Parts' as they have a location here in Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They were super helpful when I called and actually gave me a contractor's discount of 15% so it ended being a little less than $200; still cheaper than a new fridge!

It was a genuine whirlpool part that came with the programming instructions that made it quite easy to install. Everything has been running well since, but only time will tell if the frost doesn't build up again.

I did happen to catch it going through a defrost cycle the other day as I heard the water dripping and could see it when I opened the freezer door and looked through the small holes in the back panel. Can't say for sure that it wasn't doing that at all before but I thought it was a good sign that I heard/saw that. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks again for all of the help and advice!
Excellent Ryan, glad to hear your back in business.:)

Glad to hear you got the 15% contractor's discount, that does help quite a bit.:)

Thanks for the update!

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