Dehumidifier help needed


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Jan 7, 2021
Not sure if this is being posted in the correct area, I didn't see a dehumidifier specific forum. My GE AHW50LMG1 is experiencing issues. several days ago I noticed that the humidity readout on the panel said 95% humidity. The room (basement) felt relatively dry, we usually keep it around 65%. The unit is collecting water which I dump regularly. I bought a stand alone room humidity gauge and it reads 50% humidity in the room but the readout on the machine still says 95% and it never stops running. I unplugged the unit several times but the same problem still exists. I assume that whatever senses the humidity is the room is malfunctioning and telling the machine to run all the time. Can anyone advise anything that I can try or how to repair? This has been a very good machine and I hate to scrap it if it can be repaired. temp. in the basement stays around 73-75 degrees



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Posting this in case someone else has a similar problem, after some more browsing I found a post that mentioned blowing the fins out with compressed air to insure everything (including the humidistat) was clean. I blew it out and the actual room humidity reading immediately dropped down to 65% after plugging it back in. Appears to be working now, cycling off and on and collecting water as normal. What a great machine seeing I bought it in 2004 and it's still going strong!

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