Dehumidifier Recalls

Connor Higgins

Premium Member
Nov 16, 2016
I had a GE that was recalled about 3 years ago and it worked fine, but the issue according to the CPSC, was fire danger, so I de-commissioned it quickly. GE/Cree provided most of my purchase price back and I bought a highly-rated SPT model that has run flawlessly and 3 years later, it is now under recall for the same issue. The compensation I took frmo SPT was a new "like capacity" machine, (which I will not receive until January), but I am getting more and more concerned with cheap Chinese-made appliances and would rather risk mold than fire.. Any thoughts on a good machine that is made in the US that is reliable, or better options for moisture control in an unfinished basement that does not leak? Also, any thoughts on the cause of the fire hazards with these recalled machines? Both of mine were operating fine and although I have not yet recycled them, I won't plan to use them. Appreciate any insight!
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