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FIXED DFF092C1BSLDB Dandy Refrigerator - Start relay cover


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Aug 21, 2021
Olympia wa
Model Number
1-5 years
Having a hard time removing the cover for the start relay for the compressor for my DFF092CIBSLDB.

I don't want to crack the cover bit doesn't want to come off.
On the end of the cover is a slot. Use a flat blade screwdriver in the slot and bend in and pull at the same time. The slot can also be on the top. Look for a reinforced square slot.
There a slot on top towards the front edge and there's a slot/2 sided in and pushwall with roof on top of the cover closer to the compressor. Which one do I push the screwdriver in and push down on? I feel like I'm pushing down hard and nothing's happening.
Two sided slot?? It’s not that difficult to remove. Maybe check YouTube or take a pic and post it.

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