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Dim / sometimes flickering lights on control panel buttons


Jan 28, 2016
West Coast
Model Number

Have had my dishwasher for about 3 years so far. Beginning a few months ago, two of the buttons on the control panel would show dimly lit LED's after the unit finished washing and they would always stay that way, until I fired up the unit for another washing (then those two buttons would go dark, as expected during the washing cycle). I don't remember exactly, but I think the buttons are 'Hi-Temp Scrub' and '4 Hour Delay'. I never use these settings.

Then, beginning this week, the unit stopped running. There was no response from the panel buttons, although those two dimly lit buttons were still dimly lit, but nothing else would work.

So I ordered a replacement latch/striker plate and the main control board. Just installed them last night, and the unit now operates fine, EXCEPT, those two dimly lit buttons still light up when the unit is done with its washing cycle. Last night at the end of the cycle (drying cycle), I saw them come on (dimly) and occasionally flicker until the unit completely finished its drying cycle, after which they stayed on (dimly) continuously.

So question is, why are these two buttons lighting up? Should I consider getting a new control panel or just stop obsessing over this?

Thanks much.

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