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Apr 1, 2005
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I have a 1 year old Kenmore 655.15892100 dishwasher that has never cleaned very well. Recently the wash cycle stopped running - it will still fill with water and drain, but the water no longer "sprays". Initially I could hear the motor trying to turn (a slight humming noise) but now I don't hear this. I had a repair man out and he stripped it down to the "chopper". He removed a few small bits but said that the impeller was very stiff. After putting together again the wash cycle worked. However, right after he left - it stopped again!! I took it all to bits myself, also checked the "check valve" that I've seen many posting say can cause some problems - it looked OK.

I did all this from within the dishwasher, i.e., I didn't pull it out and work from underneath, but I can not figure out how to remove or at least partially dismantle the impeller/pump assembly.

I've a couple of specific questions, but any help would be welcomed:
1. Is there a thermal fuse that can be reset for the pump motor (I presume there is a separate drain motor in this model as it drains OK).
2. I can turn the impeller by hand - just. It is very stiff. Is there any cleaner that I could pour around the sump that might disolve any junk that could be jamming the impeller? Or do I need a new motor?

Thanks for any help.



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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
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Hi Alan,

If that impeller is the least bit stiff, you will need a new motor/sump assembly. I have seen this problem happen on many of these Kenmore dishwashers.

Check your warranty in your owners guide, you should have a 5 yr. warranty on that motor/sump assembly for the part only after the first year.

Did you have a Sears tech. come out?

If so, theyshould not charge you another trip charge if its within90 days of his or her first visit.:cool: