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DLE3733W LG Dryer not fully drying clothes.


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May 15, 2019
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More than 10 years
So, my LG Dryer, Model# DLE3733W isn't drying the clothes fully. When the run stops, some of the clothes are "damp" and I have to hang dry them for the rest of the cycle. Now, when I open the door mid-cycle, it seems like it's heating up. I have cleaned all the filters and the lint trap. Any advice? Thank you!
Hi, Does it also do this on TIMED DRY?

If so, it still sounds like a possible vent restriction either in the vent exhaust hose in the back of the dryer or outside where the vent duct vents outside.

I always pull the dryer out from the wall, then check that vent exhaust hose for lint clogs, and go outside the house and do the same where it vents outside. Make sure the air flow coming out the outside vent and good and strong.
Good morning Jake. So, it does it both ways. I checked the flow outside last night and it seemed pretty strong. The flap door was staying open. As far as the hose, it looks pretty good , BUT there is a rounded bend in it before goes out side. I appreciate the advice.

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