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DLE7300WE LG Dryer Overheating & Blowing Thermal Fuse


May 6, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
I have an LG dryer model # DLE7300WE that stopped working because the overtemperature sensor that is just stream of the fan had opened circuit. The trouble code indicated loss of power. I replaced this component, the thermistor that is upstream from this sensor, and the two overtempt sensors on the heater enclosure and the dryer works on delicate cycle but when I used the high heat cycle, the exhaust from dryer would get up to 90C (194F). This apparently caused the same over temperature sensor open and shut the dryer down except this time the trouble code was low temperature. The old and new thermistor resistance was 9.7k ohms.

The wiring diagram for the dryer indicates it should be 10 ohms which I think should be 10k ohms. There doesn’t appear to be any shorts in the heater and air flow is good with all the lint removed from dryer. When I checked another dryer on high heat the temperature got up to 69C (156F) so apparently my dryer isn’t regulating temperature and is operating with heaters fully on which is causing the overtempt sensor to open. The dryer has worked fine for two years. Is the thermistor bad, is the motherboard not controlling temperature, or is there something else I need to check?

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