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DLEX4200B LG Dryer does not come with Terminal Block. Need to source the connectors to add new longer cord.


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Apr 26, 2023
Mississauga, Ontario
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Less than 1 year
Hi purchased a DLEX4200B LG Dryer and when I went to swap out the power cord to a longer one, (surprise!) no terminal block! The cord directly connects via clips. Red and White wires to one clip housing, black to a clip by itself and the green wire remains as an eyelet.

DLEX4200B 6411EL1001B.jpg

So the generic longer 10ft NEMA 14-30P cord (that we are all familiar with comes with Eyelets on all wires) is unusable the way it is.

I contacted LG and they only have the 4ft dryer cords (I "Illustratored" the image they sent me) and kindly gave me the part number to something I already have. They can't or are unwilling to tell me the name and where I can source the clips to modify the 10ft'er to use with their dryer.

My options, since I don't want to cut the ends of the existing OEM cord or permanently alter the brand new dryer with non-OEM parts other than the 10ft'er:

1) Hopefully best option, ask and rely on those of you appliance wizards and gods to inform me of where I can find these clips and pins and how to attach them (I am assuming crimping as the wire is solid and the gauge is on the thicker side and soldering introduces alloying which is not ideal when working that much potential wattage).

2) Purchase a replacement 4ft power cord from LG and cut then ends off of that, then de-pin and repin and crimp on the 10ft'er. Cost $167 CAN.

3) Source a used wire assembly from a similar older model LG dryer that has a terminal block and pray that the other connects are identical in the same configuration, quantity, and place. Teardown the dryer and replace the wiring assembly, reassemble, then replace with the 10ft'er. On eBay they run about $140-180 CAD with shipping all in.

Option 1 is the lease cost prohibitive and the least amount of work, provided I can find what I am looking for. I figure LG doesn't make electrical connectors so why am I not able to source them too (with your help of course)?

Please help!

The cord directly connects via clips. Red and White wires to one clip housing, black to a clip by itself and the green wire remains as an eyelet.

Can you post a clear photo of the terminals the cord attaches onto? That might be most helpful.
Thanks for the reply and advice.

Connectors in situ.
No block direct connection.jpg

The connectors are the same tab to open for the Red and White combo connector (just that there are two wires instead of the lone black wire.

Here are shots of the hot wire connector:

black wire plug 1.jpg black wire plug 2.jpg black wire plug 3.jpg

As mentioned the connector for the red and white wires are the same only both are in a dual connector.

Connector Red and White Wires 1.jpg Connector Red and White Wires 2.jpg

As before, if you know what these connectors are called and where I may be able to buy them and the pins inside of them affordably (i.e not have to strip them from expensive, relative to the cost of new connectors themselves, new or used items) then please, please let me know.

Regards all,

This just looks look like a male spade connector. See if you can measure its width. The most common are 1/4”. There are some odd 5/16” or 3/8th (unlikely).


If it’s the most common 1/4”, a typical female spade terminal should work. It doesn’t necessarily need the plastic housing.


Make sure you put a strain relief on the cord and that the new terminals are insulated so they won't touch metal.

Dan O.
Thanks, didn't think they would be simple spade connectors. I'm trying to source a terminal block so I won't have to cut the new cord.

This helps a lot! Thanks very much.


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