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DLGX3361V LG Gas Dryer stopped heating up


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Sep 12, 2017
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My LG gas dryer (DLGX3361V) has stopped heating up. The flame will go on for about 5 seconds and then turn off. It will attempt it once more with the same results.
I had a repairman tell me it was the gas valve assembly that needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, after replacing it, the problem remains. I can confirm the air flow is fine and there are no kinks in the gas line. Can someone tell me what else can be causing the issue? Many thanks in advance.

Yes, usually the problem would be the gas coils for this problem, been out on many service calls and the gas coils always fixes it, but unfortunately the gas coils don't come separately like Whirlpool ones do.

LG makes you get the whole gas valve assembly: 5221EL2002A Gas Burner Valve Assembly

But it still sounds like a vent issue, If the flame is lazy and not strong, it will overheat the hi-limit thermostat and cut off prematurely.

Take out the flexible vent behind the dryer. Place a nylon stocking over the vent to catch the excess lint debris. Run a normal load and see what happens. If the dryer does a normal load in about an hour, you have a vent problem. If it doesn't, run the dryer on timed dry for 60 minutes. If the load dries normally in 60 minutes, you have a vent problem.

Let us know what happens.

Hi Jake, i tried that as well and can confirm the air is flowing properly out (no blockage)?

Can it possibly be the thermal fuse? or the control panel?
Sorry for the delay. It is partially apart and i am very comfortable taking it fully apart and putting back together. What do you recommend i look at or try?
It is partially apart

Put is all back together and then retest.....when panals are off we can loose air flow and cause issues.

Put everything back together, including the top piece. Still same issue. Flame comes on for a couple seconds, then goes away.
Tough to think 2 would do the same thing....bad new part....or poor air flow are about the only things that I can think of that would do that.

Yes, I agree 100% with Jeff. That's about the only thing it could be.


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