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DLGX3901W LG Dryer TE1 Error code

Metal slinger

Jun 5, 2023
Cherry Hill NJ
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello my LG gas dryer had a TE1 error code. I replaced the thermistor and check for continuity on the rest of the machine everything looked good. I also cleaned the entire machine and my exhaust vents are clean. After putting the machine back together I ran a diagnostic test and the heater test start. The test ran for about 10 minutes and everything seemed okay. I then tried to turn the dryer back on and it would not run.

I took the dryer back apart and the thermal fuse didn't have continuity. So I replaced it put everything back together and the unit would run again but then the Te1 error code would go back on. I'm not sure how to fix it. The unit is ground and I even ran the dryer without being connected to the exhaust vent to see if its blow good. Everything seems fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this. ONe thing I do know is before the Te1 error code cam on my wife did wash a fleece sweater that seem to burn onto the heating vent on the back of the dryer. But I scrubs that all off. But the dryer must have gotten to hot and thats why the code went on.

Jeff mention this:

That's the only information I could locate on it.

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