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FIXED DLLSR33EF0WC GE Dryer making a kind of grinding noise


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Jan 2, 2023
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More than 10 years
Hey y'all, I have an older GE electric dryer that's making a kind of grinding noise while running.
I am posting a video with sound to see if anyone can identify if it may be the belt, bearing, glides, etc.
Thank you for your time.


These parts below are most common to fail for this noise problem you're having. I've replaced many of these same parts for this noise problem. There are videos in the part links below that shows you how to access them, make sure you disconnect power to your dryer first!

Here's the rear bearing sleeve for your model you can order here(Video Included):
WE1M462 Rear Drum Bearing Sleeve

Here's the front bearing/glide assembly for your model you can order here(Video Included):
WE3M26 Dryer Drum Front Support Bearing

You would need to order the slides for it as well, as they don't come with the bearing assembly.

Order 2 of these: WE1M504 Bearing Slide

Order 2 of these: WE1M1067 Bearing Slide

Here's the front bearing kit(comes with the slides and belt and front bearing):
WE49X20697 Dryer Bearing Kit
Excellent, glad to hear the front bearing kit fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!
hey Jake, I replaced rear drum bearing, belt, front bearing, slides and was fine for a couple weeks, but now it’s making the same noise again.
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