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DMT610-RHS Samsung Dishwasher Draining Issue - 5E Error


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Apr 24, 2016
Model Number

Wondering if some can help with my drain issues.

My washer stops mid cycle and gives me the dreaded 5e error. I have done some trouble shooting so far, here is a list.

*removed and cleaned all inside tub parts, and removed back flow stopper for testing
*replaced drain hose and made sure of no kinks and made sure it is looped properly
*made sure there is no constriction between pump and assembly outlet, I can easily blow air from pump outlet to my sink drain

So basically everything is open and free. Here is the weird part......... It runs the cycle and then stops with the error, when I open the washer, there is really hot standing water. If I cancel and drain it won't drain. BUT! if I let the water cool down and then cancel and drain, guess what? It drains! Also if I just pour a few bowls of water in by hand, I can drain with the pump without issue.

Any help with this would be fantastic. I have read about water level sensor(which is where?) or a PBA? Is there a way to test these? Could the drain pump be intermittent?

I have reset it by having it disconnected from power. Is there more of a hard reset taht can be performed?

I know these washers are headaches, but I have replaced so much I don't want to give up on it now lol

Help! Thanks!

Model - Dmt610rhs (This seams to be a Canadian model only, and couldn't find a cross reference for it.)

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