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DMT610RHS/XAC Samsung Dishwasher error code 5E or SE


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Dec 30, 2014
Model Number
Hello, I have the 5E error and I have looked online to see what the problem is (drain/ kinked hose) I checked the hose no kink. I have the hose running into the sink stem and it has the air loop, I have taken the the drain motor out and it looks fine but it still won't drain. If I put the dishwasher on quick cycle it will fun for 8min then sit on the (52min) remaining for what seems to ba few minutes and then get the 5E error. I have checked the drain for clogging nothing there. Any ideas would b great I am looking at getting a new drain pump just not sure if that is the problem? Also how do I enter the service mode so I can activate the drain (T5) mode?

Thank you for your help.
Yes also known as the se error. I will look for the model number and post it. Thank you.
That model number isn't pulling up as good.

Manual says...

SE - Drain error.
Alien articles clogging drain hose/lines.
Drain pump terminal not connected.
Drain pump, water level sensor, main PBA.

This may be why Jake....a copy: Currently we only sell parts manufacturerd for US products. We believe DMT610RHS is manufacturered for a product outside of the US.

I couldn't look up parts for this model.

Drain pump, water level sensor, main PBA.

These would be the things to check.



  • Samsung-Dishwasher-Service-Manual_DMT800_610_400_350_7933_DW80F800_600_v05_20130515(1).pdf
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